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Privacy Policy Practice Announcement

New federal legislation requires that we (DTN Market Access) inform our customers of our privacy practices. Because your email address or other personal information is registered with one or more of our products or services, this announcement is being made available to you.

DTN Market Access and its respected products and services does not sell or share customer information submitted to these entities to outside marketers. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to do anything to prevent it from being shared. Some of you may have previously asked us not to send you newsletters or promotional materials. We will continue to respect the wishes of our customers not requesting such communications, but company policy changes, announcements, critical notices and statements not qualifying as promotional materials will be forwarded.

We respect and protect the privacy of those who use our websites, products and services, and will make every effort to protect your information when registering and/or using the services we provide.

Additional information about our information practices is available by contacting our corporate headquarters.


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