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DTN.IQ is a real-time, streaming quote and news service with data direct from the exchanges. We own our own ticker plant and our own data centers.  That means you are guaranteed fast, reliable quotes and superior customer service.

Track and Trade like the Pros

DTN.IQ gives you the ability to watch the market move in real time, just like professional stock brokers. With our comprehensive DTN.IQ package, you'll get our state-of-the-art software program with a multitude of built-in investment tools, including...
  • Stock and Option Quotes - Real-time or delayed quotes from the Nasdaq, NYSE, NYSE MKT (AMEX), Canadian and all equity option exchanges.
  • Futures, Futures Options and Futures Spreads Quotes - Real-time or delayed quotes from the CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX, NYBOT, KCBT, WPG, MGE, LIFFE, LME, IPE and SGX exchanges.
  • European Futures Quotes - Real-time or delayed quotes from the Eurex and Euronext exchanges.
  • Single Stock Futures Quotes - Real-time or delayed quotes from the OneChicago and NQLX exchanges.
  • E-mini Quotes - Real-time or delayed CME E-mini's and CBOT mini-sized Futures.
  • Customized Watchlists - An unlimited number of watchlists updated in real time, with alerts, showing up to 1,300 symbols at a time. Completely customizable displays for spreadsheet-like functionality and DDE linking capabilities. 
  • Alerts - Select from audio, visual, email, pager, cell phone and text-to-speech.
  • Charting - Identify trading trends using our graphical display of tick, interval and historical data.  Moving averages, trendlines and other analytical studies are updated and calculated with every tick.
  • Snap Quotes - Detailed quote window with a news indicator and all pertinent trading information.
  • Time & Sales - Display the Time & Sales data by ticks, by a specified number of minutes, by day, week or month.
  • Tickers - Follow the movement of individual securities or indices in real time.
  • ExpertFolio - Track your trades and analyze your current holdings in real time.
  • Scrolling News - 24/7 coverage with thousands of full-text stories from the DTN Newsroom and the major newswires covering business, technology, commodities and finance.

Real-Time Equity Options

With real-time equity option chains, you'll receive robust option analytics and dynamic displays.  Simply enter the root symbol for the underlying security and DTN.IQ instantly displays every put and call contract for that issue, including regional option exchange information.  In addition to viewing real-time market data, you'll see real-time calculations for option analytics, including the Greeks, implied volatility and fair value.

Real-Time Futures Options

When you purchase a real-time Futures exchange, you will receive our Futures, Futures Options and Futures Spreads chains application which will allow you to receive every Futures, Futures Options or Futures Spreads contract for any root commodity. 

Nasdaq Level II

Nasdaq Level II allows you to see, in real time, exactly how the market makers are trading individual equities.  You'll receive bid and ask quotes from every market maker on the Nasdaq, Small Cap Market and OTCBB. 

DTN.IQ Premium Upgrade Services

Customize your investment tool by adding one or more of our premium services. Premium services provide an extra element of valuable information to fit your investment needs. DTN offers premium services from some of the leading investment service providers and news organizations.

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